what ned loves

i love aussie rules football cricket lego softball baseball teeball

i hate isnack 2.0 also i love the show family guy and two and a half men

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i hurt jules a lot we laugh about it hah hah hah

4 thoughts on “what ned loves”

  1. Hi Ned, great to hear from you!
    I’m pasting your comment that you put on my blog back here on yours, so that our conversations can be together in the one place. (Because otherwise, people who read it on mine, won’t know what it’s about).
    This is what you wrote:
    this is ned i hate the new vegimite and the name jacob makes fun of it come on i snack 2.0 isnack is bad enough without the 2.0 on it
    And this is my reply:
    I love the old Vegemite. I like it on toast, and on those biscuits with the little holes in them, so that when you press two of them together the vegemite comes through the little holes like small dark worms. But iSnack 2.0 is a really dumb name and I think they should leave the old one just the way it is.

  2. hi im chelsea im in a class with 28 other kids & our teacher i like you blog & i hope you will like ours bye

    chelsea 5\6 km

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